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New Art from Bernadette

Grace Before Meals by Andrew Chinn, illustrated by Bernadette Chinn (Grace, Sign of the Cross)


I wrote this song when teaching 5-year-olds back in the 1990s. It turned out to be useful for teaching the Sign of the Cross as well as a short Grace Before Meals song. And now Bernadette has cast her magic over it to give it whole new dimension!


Thanks to some students from Suzanne Aubert Catholic School in Papamoa, NZ, who were Bernadette's models.


And because I taught 5-year-olds I though some of you would appreciate the "mirror version", you know where the children copy the screen like a mirror?


Grace Before Meals (mirrored version)

And looking for a little retro? Well here's the orginal clip from 15 years ago!

Grace Before Meals by Andrew Chinn

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Love it!! As I watched I was thinking it would be wonderful to have a mirrored version for the littlies. Then I keep reading and Christmas has come early!! I will definitely be sharing this with our Early Years teachers next year. It is great!


Thanks Jess- had to convince Bernadette of the value of the mirrored version:)

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