The Staff



Andrew Chinn worked as a classroom teacher in Catholic Primary Schools in Sydney, Australia for nearly twenty years before moving into his full time music ministry. Andrew has visited more than 1000 Catholic primary schools, performing in 3000 concerts across Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada sharing his music and his faith with children, teachers and parents. He has released 11 CDs, 5 DVDs and 6 picture books, which are used widely by teachers and catechists in the faith development of children. He lives in Wollongong with his wife Bernadette. He has four daughters and ten grandchildren.


Drew Lane is a man of many talents: a songwriter, accomplished musician, sound engineer and classroom teacher. He has written many original musicals for primary schools, including “Under One Roof” based on Andrew Chinn's music. His first CD with Butterfly Music was "Love, Faith, Hope", a broad range of songs for many occasions throughout the school and church year. Drew lives with his wife Jen and three sons in Melbourne. He is currently a performing arts teacher at St Peter’s School in East Bentleigh, VIC and a lecturer at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. 


Jane Mitchell, who grew up in Michigan in the USA, moved to Australia to teach for 15 months in the 1970s.  Love of this new country and a bloke named Gavin kept her here and she found her calling teaching art and music at St Gabriel’s Primary School in Traralgon Victoria.  A chance meeting with Andrew Chinn in 2003 led to recording music for school and parish.  Jane has 3 CDs including collaborations with Drew Lane and Andrew Chinn, has illustrated books, CD covers and has worked as a consultant in primary art.  Though now retired from teaching, Jane is very involved in the parish life of St. Michael's Church where she often sings.  Jane and Gavin have 4 children and a growing number of grandchildren. 



Tim is a brilliant guitarist and vocalist and has been writing songs since the age of thirteen. Tim began his career in Catholic Education in 2004 and currently works in the Faith Formation team in the Catholic Education Office Wollongong. Tim writes a wide variety of religious music: for use in the classroom, for liturgy, for staff reflection. His first album, Pure Hearts was released in December 2017, and features the anthem he wrote for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, "Joyful Generation". He produced and fronted the much-acclaimed "Pray School", an RE program for the Diocese of Wollongong during remote learning. Tim is married to Nicole, they have five children, and live in Mittagong, NSW.


Bernadette Chinn has been, along with Andrew, the inspiring heart and mind of Butterfly Music since it began in 2000. In the early days Bernadette sang on Andrew's albums before handing over to the next generation. As well as her musical talent (she is a gifted pianist) Bernadette is an outstanding artist. She created the cover art for Andrew's second album, "This Day", as well as the magnificent "room art" that you see throughout the Butterfly House. Bernadette's photography is being used to create some of the meditations in the Music Room. She is the mother of four daughters and a grandmother of ten! She lives with Andrew and their two beloved Shetland Sheepdogs, Mollee and Elbee.

Special Guests

Catherine Connors

Catherine is an APRE in the Brisbane Archdiocese with a real passion for the integration of creative arts with the RE curriculum. She is a skilled story teller across a variety of media.

Robyn Mercer

Robyn is a very experienced APRIM in the Archdiocese of Adelaide. Her passion is bringing scripture to life with children, particularly through Godly Play. Robyn is an accredited Godly Play trainer.


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