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Holy Week Book Series Complete

One of the great delights of the Butterfly House is watching our songs take on new life. Over the past few months I've watched my wife, Bernadette, breathe new life into these songs that I've sung every year during Holy Week since 1999! On Friday, Bernadette completed Dying You Destroyed Our Death, and in doing so completed our Holy Week Series. You can now take your class or school on a journey from Palm Sunday though to the Ascension with these digital, sing-a-long picture books: Bless Our King (sing-a-long) by Andrew Chinn, ill. by Bernadette Chinn (Palm Sunday)​ When We Eat This Bread by Andrew Chinn, ill. by Bernadette Chinn (Holy Thursday, Last Supper)​ My Blessing Falls On You by Drew Lane with Andrew Chinn, ill. by Bernadette Chinn (Washing of the Feet, Holy Thursday) Dying You Destroyed Our Death by Andrew Chinn, ill. by Bernadette Chinn (Good Friday) With You In The Morning by Andrew Chinn, ill. by Bernadette Chinn (Easter to Ascension) Rise Up! by Andrew Chinn ill. by Bernadette Chinn (Lazarus, Resurrection, Good Friday to Easter)

About the Artist: Bernadette Chinn has been, along with Andrew, the inspiring heart and mind of Butterfly Music since it began in 2000. In the early days Bernadette sang on Andrew's albums before handing over to the next generation. As well as her musical talent (she is a gifted pianist) Bernadette is an outstanding artist. She created the cover art for Andrew's second album, "This Day", as well as the magnificent "room art" that you see throughout the Butterfly House. Bernadette's photography is being used to create some of the meditations in the Music Room. She is the mother of four daughters and a grandmother of ten! She lives with Andrew and their two beloved Shetland Sheepdogs, Mollee and Elbee. While the Chinn house is adorned with many artworks on canvas, the images in the Holy Week series are created as digital originals on iPad, opening a whole new world for Bernadette, the Butterfly House, our members, and those they teach.

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