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August- new releases!

We're going to try to add a new blog when there's a new release so here's a catch up for our August releases:

August 30: I Will Walk With You by Andrew Chinn. Based on Jesus journey through the Gospels and written to give comfort to those who need us to walk by their side. Written after hearing the stories and struggles of three friends very involved in Catholic Education and with thanks for those who have walked with me. Featuring a virtual choir of about 30 friends and family. For use in times of need, for Holy Week and for RU OK Day.

August 24: You Are My Father, You Are My Child (for Father's Day) by Andrew Chinn and Drew Lane. A conversation between a father and a child, inspired by scriptural references to Joseph and the Parable of the Forgiving Father.

August 22: God Sees You by Andrew Chinn (St Vincent de Paul, Mini Vinnies, Mission, Charity). Inspired by Di Rowan and featuring the mini choir of St Joseph's Bracken Ridge, QLD, a song that honours the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society and Mini Vinnies: "God sees you through our eyes and our heart".

August 21: Let There Be by Drew Lane (Genesis 1, Creation, Stewardship) Lyric Video. A new song from Drew focusing on Genesis 1 and the creation story. Complete with colourful illustrations by Jenni Lane!

August 22: Many Roads, One Journey by Andrew Chinn. A reflection of the journeys of: Mary, The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son and the Journey to Emmaus. Featuring students from St Mary's, Rydalmere, NSW, for whom the song was written.

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