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New release! The Stone's Been Rolled Away by Drew Lane, ill. Jenni Lane

Looking for a song to celebrate the Resurrection in your class and school?

The Stone's Been Rolled Away by Drew Lane (Matthew 28, Easter, Resurrection).  This is a song based on Matthew 28, where Mary and Mary Magdalene go to the tomb of Jesus to find that he has risen!  It's an upbeat song of celebration, great for all years. The embedded PowerPoint is also here.

It's been a hectic week here at the Butterfly House! New releases from Andrew, Tim and Drew! And there's more to come!

Tomorrow I'm filming for Drew's series of songs for The Stations of the Cross, We Remember, at Our Lady of the Assumption, Hoon Hay, Christchurch, NZ. If you haven't seen the preview click on the link above. Should be ready next Wednesday!

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