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New... and very cute!

Called To Be Saints by Andrew Chinn- movement edition (Entrance/Recessional, All Saints Day) St Joseph's, Pukekohe, NZ

We always like to let you know when we've released something new. Over the last two weeks I've caught up on all of my video editing!

I visited St Joseph's, Pukekohe, just south of Auckland in October 2023, just before All Saints' Day. While working with the junior school we sang a bit of this song and I noticed the children had some great actions that they'd developed with their teachers. I loved what they'd done so much I asked the teachers if they could shoot some video and I'd put together a clip. The students and teachers did a great job!

Thanks to all of the children in Yrs 1 and 2, and special thanks to their teachers Suit-Keen Waru and Lesley Wallace, and to Mairéad Gallagher, DRS.

If you missed the other new releases from the past few days here they are:

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