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Light Tomorrow With Today

How's this for a 3 state Butterfly House effort!

  • In 2019 I wrote the words for this song with the Year 6 students way out in Longreach, QLD.

  • In 2020 I wrote the music and did my rough recording here in Wollongong, NSW.

  • Not long after, Drew Lane arranged and produced the track in Melbourne, VIC.

  • In 2021, realizing that something was still missing, I contacted Robyn Chambers, APRE at St Joseph's in Cairns, QLD about getting two of their superb singers, Olivia and Matilda, to lend their voices to the song.

  • 2022, back to Melbourne for Drew to put those voices into the mix.

  • And now, back to me in Wollongong to create the lyric video for you

Light Tomorrow With Today by Andrew Chinn, with Olivia Lesmeister and Matilda Byrne.

For Lent, Missions and Commissioning.

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