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Behold! I Make All Things New!

Behold I Make All Things New by Andrew Chinn and Drew Lane (Revelations 21:5, new beginnings, Resurrection)

Welcome back to the Butterfly House! This year marks our 4th year serving Catholic schools across Australia, New Zealand, North America, UK and the Republic of Ireland!

Every November Michelle Hicks from St Mary's in Mooroopna, VIC, sends us the challenge of creating a song to accompany the spiritual theme of the year for Catholic schools in Victoria. This year's theme for the Sandhurst Diocese is "Behold I Make All Things New!". And by the way, Michelle will have an accompanying staff prayer ready in the coming days.

This annual song is one Drew and I like to do together. I do the lyrics as a poem first and then send it to Drew. You'll hear Drew's strong musical theatre background in the intro! Thanks to Michelle for singing on the song and you'll also hear the beautiful voice of Claire Pruscino, a year 6 student from St Mark's, Drummoyne, in Sydney.

You can find our notes on the song and its scriptural refence in the text below the YouTube clip.

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