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At the end of 2021, our good friend Helen Hunter of the Lismore Diocese put out a challenging request - a song that teaches about not just one of the seasons and symbols - but all of them! So Tim got to work and within a few days Helen received a demo! Now, at this time of changing liturgical seasons, Tim invites you to take a walk through the seasons of the liturgical year, and journey through the Christ-story, with the release of his new song and lyric/animation video: Seasons. In lyric-animation video and animation only formats, this resource is suitable as a study on the seasons or Jesus life, the lyrics and visuals offer a deep reflection of the liturgical year and each of the seasons - their connection to Jesus, colours, symbols and rituals of the Church. Using sections of the song would also be ideal for changing prayer spaces. Seasons - animated lyric video by Timothy Hart Seasons - animation only video (no lyrics) by Timothy Hart In the coming weeks and months Tim hopes to share supplementary resources to go with the song and support prayer and learning associated with the Seasons.

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