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New Release! “Merciful Love” by Timothy Hart

Merciful Love by Timothy Hart is a song of praise, glorifying our patient, kind and merciful God. 

Composed with a chant-like melody, this song invites full participation, meanwhile the moving cello and a glory packed choir help to move our prayer from the head to the heart. The stirring imagery of the music-video clip leads us deeper into prayer and challenges us to see in one other an image of God. Through our suffering - the broken body of Christ. And through our service - the love and compassion of God working through us.

Suitable for use as a song after communion - praising God for God’s compassionate qualities - the central theme of mercy also makes this song appropriate for use during Lent and Holy Week, Reconciliation and Divine Mercy Sunday (Second Sunday of Easter). The imagery and cinematography used in the lyric-video invites further contemplation and discussion regarding the images of God, the corporal works of mercy, discipleship mission and service.

As we journey through Lent we are reminded once again that God’s loving ‘embrace of forgiveness’ is awaiting us and so we give thanks to God for God’s Merciful Love. May we love one another as Jesus showed us, always with mercy towards each other.

Listen Now to “Merciful Love” by Timothy Hart on Butterfly House

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